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Today’s Quote on Trust

“At our lowest points, we can be tempted to stop trusting in the Lord and instead take matters into our own hands. But when we do, it’s easy to wind up in a mess. The good news is that even in a mess, if we look to the Lord, we will see the way out of our pit and back into His will.”     ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: I Samuel 30:1-19


Today’s Quote on Prayer

“Long before a crisis arises or a solution is needed, a wise believer will be seeking God in prayer. In trouble-free times, we can build a foundation of trust and communion with Him that can withstand any hardship.”     ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: John 16:25-33

Today’s Quote on Giving

“Generosity displays confidence in God’s loving and faithful provision.”     ~Kirsten Holmberg

Scripture for Reflection: Deuteronomy 15:7-11; Philippians 4:19

Today’s Quote on Prayer

“Pray for those who are marginalized, oppressed, beaten, tortured, and sometimes even killed for their belief in Christ. Pray for them to experience God’s comfort and encouragement and to be strengthened with hope as they stand firmly with Jesus.”     ~Poh Fang Chia

Scripture for Reflection: II Corinthians 1:8-11; James 5:13-18


A Prayer for Today…

Father, give me the strength to endure the hardships of this day, and the hope of Christ for the eternal tomorrow You have promised.”

~Our Daily Bread


Letting Go of Guilt


I enjoy reading the nice posts for Mother’s Day and for Father’s Day. A lot of us give extra attention to our parents in May and June, the months set aside to honor them. Sending cards, buying gifts, and spending time with them are some of the ways we let them know how special they are and how much we appreciate them.

Reading some of the accolades about moms and dads made me reflect on the importance of self-forgiveness for parents.

My children are grown. Sometimes I look back and see mistakes I made, missed opportunities, hurried moments, and I cringe. I berate myself for not being a better mother. It is hard for me to focus on the special moments, great memories, or shared laughter and joy.

It makes me wonder if other parents feel the same way.

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