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Today’s Quote on Prayer

“Long before a crisis arises or a solution is needed, a wise believer will be seeking God in prayer. In trouble-free times, we can build a foundation of trust and communion with Him that can withstand any hardship.”     ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: John 16:25-33


Today’s Quote on Prayer

“Pray for those who are marginalized, oppressed, beaten, tortured, and sometimes even killed for their belief in Christ. Pray for them to experience God’s comfort and encouragement and to be strengthened with hope as they stand firmly with Jesus.”     ~Poh Fang Chia

Scripture for Reflection: II Corinthians 1:8-11; James 5:13-18


A Prayer for Today

“Lord, we are so prone to rely on our own efforts to impress You and others. Help us to be authentic in all our relationships, and to enjoy the restored heart we can have through Your forgiveness.”

~ Our Daily Bread

Today’s Quote on Fear

“The next time fear comes calling, take your eyes off yourself, answer it with the truth of God’s Word, and let faith take its place.”  ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: II Timothy 1:3-7

Today’s Quote on Prayer

“Sometimes God answers our prayers not by giving us what we want but by challenging us to change.”  ~James Banks

Scripture for Reflection: II Corinthians 12:7-10