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Today’s Quote on Peace

“God’s love carries and holds us through our pain into peace and joy.”  ~Monica Brands

Scripture for Reflection: Psalm 16:1-11


Today’s Quote on Fear

“Worry keeps us from feeling free and joyful. We are never truly free until we break the chains of fear. A life without worry is a life of abundance, a life well lived.”  ~Author Unknown

Scripture for Reflection: Matthew 6:25-34

A Prayer for Today…

“Lord, fill me up with hope and give me a tangible reminder today that things will turn out right in Your way, in Your time.”

~ Our Daily Bread

Today’s Quote on Trust

“We may not always be able to feel God’s arms beneath us, but the Lord has promised that He will never leave us. As we rest in His care and promises, He helps us learn to trust in His faithfulness. He lifts us above our worries to discover new peace in Him.”  ~ James Banks

Scripture for Reflection: Isaiah 46:3:-13

A Prayer for Today…

“Lord, sometimes our guilt and shame can feel so heavy. Help us to release our past and its pain to you and experience Your peace, knowing You have carried it all and have set us free.”

~ Our Daily Bread