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Today’s Quote on Praise

“Praise has the power to lighten our heaviest burden.”  ~Linda Washington

Scripture for Reflection: Psalm 100


Today’s Quote on Courage

“Courage comes from a deep trust that God is able to see you through all of life’s trials. When life gets you down, take heart. God has not forsaken you. He never will. He can help you overcome any challenge.”  ~  Guideposts

Scripture for Reflection: Deuteronomy 31: 1-8 NKJV


Asking for Help


Learning to extend compassion to myself is not an easy task. I’m in the third month of this journey, and I’m still struggling with feelings of guilt, of not being worthy, of fear of becoming selfish. And one of the most difficult concepts to accept is being as kind and attentive to myself as I am to others.

I love Psalm 23, especially when David speaks of the Lord/Shepherd leading him beside still waters and restoring his soul (Psalm 23:2-3). Those images speak of peace and rest, elements I sometimes crave in my life. Psalm 46:10 talks about being still and knowing that God is our help and refuge. I realize I need to follow the advice in these scriptures.

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Today’s Quote on Self-Care

“Taking good care of yourself means the people in your life receive the best of you rather than what is left of you.”  ~Lucille Zimmerman

Scripture for Reflection: Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11