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A Prayer for Today…

“Heavenly Father, nurture my spirit and help me grow into the person You intend me to be.”

~ Guideposts


Today’s Quote on Daily Living

“Strive to do what is right in every circumstance. Be aware of your words and actions and ask God to help you be an extension of His love and grace. Keep your eyes on Jesus and live your life by being the best person you can be.”  ~Our Daily Bread

Scripture for Reflection: Hebrews 12:1-3

Today’s Quote on Friendship

“What a comfort to know that though others may disappoint and abandon us, Christ always remains a faithful, patient, and loving friend. And as we seek to eumulate and obey Him, we will become that same kind of friend to others.”  ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection:  John 15:12-17

A Prayer for Today…

“Dear Lord, guide me to make the most of every hour. Help me view each sunrise as a new opportunity to shine and each sunset as a time to reflect.”


Today’s Quote on Loving Others

“The lure to discriminate is real, and we need to identify it in our lives. As Jesus showed us, we can reach out to all people regardless of nationality, social status or reputation. He came to build bridges.”  ~Lawrence Darmani

Scripture for Reflection: John 4

Today’s Quote on Daily Living

“Think of all the people you cross paths with each day. You might be reflecting Jesus to some who have been blind to the truth of God. Your oneness with the Lord makes you an asset to the body of Christ, too. You have no idea how many lives might be touched by yours.”   ~ Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: Matthew 5:1-16

Today’s Quote on Challenges

“When God charges us with a task – whether to repair a relationship or share what He’s done in our lives – He gives us whatever skills and strength are necessary to continue in our effort to do what He’s asked, no matter what challenges come our way.”  ~ Kirsten Holmberg

Scripture for Reflection: Nehemiah 6: 1-19