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A Prayer for Today

Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little, since I do them with Your power; and little things as though they were great, since I do them in Your name.”  ~Blaise Pascal


Scripture for Reflection:  I Corinthians 10:31; Philippians 4:1-23


Poetry by Leslie….

me, myself and GOD



GOD as I re-evaluate  my life … I am finding that this trust thing seems a bit odd

Everyone including myself is falling short …except for YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD

So, ALL-KNOWING GOD, I yearn to take this Proverbs chapter 3 verses five and six step

But ALL-POWERFUL GOD, I am going to need your mercy & your continuous help…


GOD, your Word says, “trust in the Lord with all thine heart”…

Help me to absolutely, fully depend on YOU, with every part

GOD, your Word says for me to “lean not unto thine own understanding”

Help me to always place complete confidence in YOUR Wisdom…especially when life gets demanding


GOD, your Word says, “in all thy ways acknowledge HIM”

Help me to relentlessly set before YOU my ideas, thoughts, plans and whims

GOD, your Word says “HE shall direct thy paths”…wherever I trod

Help me to allow myself to be governed by faith; for YOU alone are a trustworthy GOD



© Leslie Hamlett 2007









A Prayer for Today

It is in sleeping that my body is refreshed.

It is in letting go that my soul is revived.

It is in dying that I am born anew.

Bless to me my sleeping, O God, bless me to my letting go,

Bless me to my dying, that tonight I may enter Your stillness,

That tomorrow I may awake renewed,

That in the end I may be fully alive to You.

Tonight, tomorrow and always, O God,

May I be truly alive to You.

-John Philip Newell

Q & A



How do I just let go…

When for so long  I’ve held on so?

How do I just simply cast…

When I have tried to handle all my tasks?

How do I just unball my fist…

And allow YOU, LORD, to handle it?

How do I just relinquish all control…

And have a peace that passes all understanding in your soul?

How do I know when to say when…

And be not anxious; just totally depend?

How do I just simply unpack…

Without trying to look back?

How do I live worry free…

And rely entirely on THEE?

How do I try to endure…

And know that YOU will reassure?

How do I just fast and pray…

And then just simply obey?

How do I just give all I’ve got…

Without feeling the shock?

How do I not panic and not have fright…

And find comfort that YOU will make it all right?

How can I give YOU all this mess…

And not feel any stress?

How do I remain calm when I feel naked inside…

And not wonder where, how and why?



… “ just do it and you will see

I will give you some wants and all your needs

You will find my goodness in just one taste

And it all starts with just a little faith

My child do not resist for I can redeem

When in doubt, read Hebrews 4 verse 16

If you need a little support to get by

Just listen to your siblings testify

Try Psalm 55 verse 22

And it will help you get through

When you are in dismay

Try a session of worship & praise

The joy of the Lord is your strength

So when you fall; humble yourself & repent

Everything you need is in MY WORD, so hold on

I am with you always; so be Strong!!!
© Leslie Hamlett 2003