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Poetry by Leslie…



This God who said “Let there be light”
Allows me to be I am precious in His sight…

This God that controls the seasons and weather
Loves me and designed & put me together

This God who made the multicolored peacock and vibrant butterfly
Holds me faithfully close to His side… Continue reading



We have been inspired by the poetry of our guest author, Leslie!

I’m so thankful that Leslie took time out of her busy schedule to share her awesome works with us! Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to write and use her beautiful poems to encourage her readers.

Leslie, we wish you much success in your future endeavors. Please know that your work is always welcome on this blog, and we hope to have more poetry soon! Also, give us updates on what’s next for you.

Sending much love and continued prayers!!

Dorothea Love and the Readers of Living Waters Blog

Poetry by Leslie…


Incredible Indeed

Lord, how could this be?
Why in the world didn’t he want me…?

I have had all my shots, clean up pretty good
Done all the things that a supportive cheerleader should
Learning how to forgive and to ask for forgiveness for my mistakes
I seek your wisdom… bathe in your love, mercy and grace
I know how to clean and how to embrace a stimulating conversation
Believe in honor, respect and admiration
I can work it in the kitchen…make some delicious homemade grub
So Lord, with all that and then some … me, how come he didn’t love Continue reading

Poetry by Leslie…




Don’t be shocked

Cause I am not

You are so critical of yourself…

can’t even accept the admiration of someone else

Why with yourself are you so dismayed?

You know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made

Why do you look down on yourself like you do?

Don’t you believe what I said about you is true? Continue reading

Poetry by Leslie…


Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

I want to give some advice to you
There is something that I believe you should do
Don’t be so hard on yourself
Realize that you can always go to GOD for repentance and unconditional help

Your Heavenly FATHER made you a priceless gem,
who must always be totally dependent on HIM
GOD’s 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 Love, please embrace
Understand that our flesh is imperfect but can rely on HIS amazing grace

You are GOD’s unique workmanship…so don’t compare
For there is no one like you on this earth anywhere
Remember to take care of your body by exercising and eating right
And always know that you are precious and beautiful in GOD’s sight

Don’t get caught-up with what others think or say
Base your self-worth on what GOD’s Word says about you; for HE is the CREATOR of your DNA
Please don’t live your life according to what you understand
Trust GOD and allow HIM to hold your hand

Rest in knowing you were made from dust…so you are a little dusty
GOD is never caught off guard, He knows you make mistakes and sometimes get a little rusty
Even though you don’t deserve it… GOD’s SON, JESUS, died and rose from the dead just for you
And HE wants to be involved in all your actions; what you say, think, and do

We all have things about us that need to be changed; for we all are works in progress
So try not to get discouraged by worrying and unhealthy stress
Whatever you do…provide your best
Give your all to JESUS and He will do the rest

Your life improvements ….ask the LORD to help you with
And know sometimes the POTTER has to break you in order to help you get fixed
For HE knows your correct form and shape
And sometimes in your growth…you may have to be still and wait

This Sovereign GOD, you, HE chose to love
He chose to redeem and set you free with His only Son’s blood
So to the LORD, don’t be afraid to cry out when you have gotten off track
His compassionate Rod and Staff will guide you back

HE wants to lead you to green pastures and still waters
For you are His cherished daughter
To clothe you with garments of salvation and in righteousness YOU HE wants to cover
For HIS Love for you is like no others


Enough is enough is enough!!
Stop beating yourself up
I want you to forever know that disliking yourself is a waste of time
For your DESIGNER thinks you are just fine

Accept the gift that only your Heavenly FATHER can give
In HIS Sufficient Grace …please live
You are an original design…not made like anyone else
So please, don’t be so hard on yourself

Leslie Hamlett © 2006

Poetry by Leslie…



Sitting Here at JESUS’ Feet


LORD, here I am sitting at Your feet

…cause it is YOU alone that I seek….

I am ready to study Your Word

I want to know for myself…not to go just on what I have heard

So help me LORD…teach me all that I should

As I represent….I want to “make You look good” Continue reading

Poetry by Leslie…



The Hope of Not me


Why do I want to be everyone’s Hero?

For You are their Savior

Not me


Why do I want to get revenge?

For You will fight my battles

Not me


Why do I want?

For You get the increase

Not me


Why do I worry?

For You are my Provider

Not me


Why do I accept these strongholds?

For You are my Deliverer

Not me


Why do I think some situations are hopeless?

For You are my Miracle Worker

Not me


Why do I [fill in the blank] when I get weak?

For You are my Strength

Not me


Why do I …?

For You are Elohim (GOD)

Not me

© Leslie Hamlett 2005