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A Prayer for Today…

“Dear Lord, I want to be a gentle person. Please help me to be kind and gracious to others today.”   ~Our Daily Bread


Today’s Quote on Prayer

“In a world that offers preferential treatment to the wealthy, the famous, and the influential, it’s encouraging to know that every child of God has equal access to the Father in Heaven. With that assurance, we can approach God’s throne of grace with confidence in prayer, knowing that our loving Heavenly Father will never turn us away.”  ~Richard DeHaan

Scripture for Reflection: Psalm 145:14-21

Poetry by Leslie…


Incredible Indeed

Lord, how could this be?
Why in the world didn’t he want me…?

I have had all my shots, clean up pretty good
Done all the things that a supportive cheerleader should
Learning how to forgive and to ask for forgiveness for my mistakes
I seek your wisdom… bathe in your love, mercy and grace
I know how to clean and how to embrace a stimulating conversation
Believe in honor, respect and admiration
I can work it in the kitchen…make some delicious homemade grub
So Lord, with all that and then some … me, how come he didn’t love Continue reading