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Today’s Quote on Comfort

“God can redeem even our darkest moments. If we’re willing to listen, He will redeem our trials by teaching us how to use what we’ve learned in them to minister to others.”  ~ Randy Kilgore

Scripture for Reflection: II Corinthinas1:3-11


A Prayer for Today…

“Dear Lord, guide me to make the most of every hour. Help me view each sunrise as a new opportunity to shine and each sunset as a time to reflect.”


A Prayer for Today…

“Thank You, God, for satisfying my thirsty soul with Your life-giving Spirit. Remind me to come to You when I feel like I’m running on empty.”



Today’s Quote on Our Value

“Between life’s pace and trials, losing sight of divine viewpoint is all too easy. When we’re overwhelmed by criticism, trouble, or suffering, it’s vital to recognize our worth in the Lord’s eyes. That realization can energize our service and renew our love for the One who gave Himself to bring us back to God.”  ~Dr. Charles Stanley

Scripture for Reflection: Matthew 6:25-34


Today’s Quote on God’s Presence

“When we’re unsettled by the chaos of life, it’s easy to forget that God is standing in the middle of the storm with us. No matter what we’re going through, He is there. He is here. Next to us at that moment, in this moment, ready to reach out and rescue us.”

~Julie Schwab

Scripture for Reflection: Matthew 14:22-33

Today’s Quote on Challenges

“When God charges us with a task – whether to repair a relationship or share what He’s done in our lives – He gives us whatever skills and strength are necessary to continue in our effort to do what He’s asked, no matter what challenges come our way.”  ~ Kirsten Holmberg

Scripture for Reflection: Nehemiah 6: 1-19