Poetry by Leslie…



Sitting Here at JESUS’ Feet


LORD, here I am sitting at Your feet

…cause it is YOU alone that I seek….

I am ready to study Your Word

I want to know for myself…not to go just on what I have heard

So help me LORD…teach me all that I should

As I represent….I want to “make You look good”



My daughter, you have access to all that is called for

To get to know, your  ABBA FATHER more

There are so many resources that are on hand

That can assist you in gaining knowledge of  ME, the Great I AM

But, first  there is something  you need to know….

You MUST spend quality time with ME in order to grow

Know that the HOLY SPIRIT is in you  and always by your side

To be your comforting spiritual guide…


And when you want to know the meaning of words, use the dictionary

And if you need  in-depth interpretation, or clarification, use a commentary

A lexical gives word or subject explanation

And if you need notes, comments or word location use a concordance or annotations

But know that the Holy Bible is the ultimate truth and divine

Be sure to read II Tim. 3:16-17 to see why the scriptures were designed

You see, there are so many resources to help you understand

They even have computer software and electronic bibles you can hold in your hand


So, LORD, as I sit here at Your feet

Thank YOU for giving me all I need to help me find what I seek

.. I have resources to study Your eternal & commanded WORD

… And I will know for myself  and not just go on what I have heard


© Leslie Hamlett 2006



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