Daily Archives: June 2, 2017

God’s Word

“God’s word lights our path only when we read it and apply it to our lives.”  -Bob Haslam

For reflection: Psalm 119:105




There’s Hope in the Blood

I started writing this piece while one of my relatives was in the hospital fighting for her life. For years, I’ve watched her as she dealt with an autoimmune disease that makes her body turn against itself.

Through it all, she managed to keep fighting, stay positive, and be a rock for her family.

However, this latest ordeal, shook her faith and challenged the rest of us to stand in the gap for her, encouraging her and reminding her of God’s faithfulness.

Fear and doubt tried to penetrate our circle when we were asked to pray, specifically for BLOOD. Because this was the only HOPE for her condition. Even though she admitted her fear and uncertainty, she trusted God to give her medical team the wisdom they needed to help her.

I’m certain that watching BLOOD slowly drip into her veins was not how she imagined the start of her summer. But she has learned to rely on God when her world turns upside down. And in spite of her anxious thoughts, she relied on her faith to get her through the first harrowing moments.

That BLOOD sustained her life, bringing energy and strength back to her body; enabling her to hold on to another day with her family; giving her HOPE that this precious, hard to find BLOOD will be the answer to our prayers.

The situation remained critical for several days, and prayer continued around the clock. Finally, we received the news that the transfusions stabilized her condition and kept her levels steady.

Each day, as I continue to think about her situation, I realize that I rarely concern myself with the blood flowing through my own body. It is easy to believe I will always have all the blood I’ll ever need and to overlook the marvelous way God created me.

Yes, this is a difficult period, but going through this ordeal with my family makes me pause and reflect on the blood of Christ.

His death – cruel, messy, violent. BLOOD everywhere.

Not a pretty scene. Not a calm setting.

Horror. Brutality. Suffering.

But that’s not the end.

Glory! Resurrection! Power! Dominion!


Salvation and redemption didn’t happen the way the people thought it would unfold. God had a better plan.

So, I sit here, today, thinking about BLOOD – our life force, I’m thanking God for donors. For the people giving their life’s essence, not knowing if or when their gift will save a life.

Someone out there is responsible for giving my family HOPE, their BLOOD saving a life.

Just thinking about it makes me praise God because the BLOOD of Jesus covers all of us.

God doesn’t want one person to perish – not even one (II Peter 3:9). And, the BLOOD of Jesus gives us the solution (Ephesians 1:6-8; I John 1:7).

Christ is the reason I can approach God’s throne when I need mercy, grace, strength, and HOPE. The reason I can cast my cares on the Lord when I feel pressured at every turn. And the reason I feel peace in this dark valley.

He is in control, and will provide the energy for me and my family to continue to stand in the gap; the fortitude to press on; the courage to endure; the ability to cling to Him when we feel the pressures on every side; and the strength we need to support our cherished loved one.

I don’t know what your situation is today or what struggles you face. But I do know that God is able to see you through and strengthen your faith in the process.