Poetry by Leslie…


My High Priest

HALLELUJAH to my High Priest…


Called of GOD an high priest after the order of Melchisedec

I now have repentance and direct access for my thoughts, words & how I act


HE is the Son of GOD sitting at the right hand of the Mighty Throne

Waiting for HIS FATHER’s signal when it is time to bring HIS saints home


HE sympathizes with my temptation & my plight

Because HE also was tempted while in the flesh yet lived a sinless life


Throughout HIS faultless obedience

HE provides for me everlasting deliverance


HALLELUJAH for my High Priest….


For HE is perfect and GREAT

To HIS FATHER, for me HE intercedes and mediates


For my eternal redemption HE sacrificed HIMSELF

I can boldly go to the throne of grace to obtain mercy in needful times for help


For JESUS’ Priesthood is superior to Aaron’s, everlasting and Divine….

Aaron’s linage was imperfect and could only serve for a limited time


Because HIS spotless blood was used to make a permanent atonement for my sins

The veil was torn from top to bottom & The Most Holy Place I now can go in


©  Leslie Hamlet 2004

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