Poetry by Leslie….

me, myself and GOD



GOD as I re-evaluate  my life … I am finding that this trust thing seems a bit odd

Everyone including myself is falling short …except for YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD

So, ALL-KNOWING GOD, I yearn to take this Proverbs chapter 3 verses five and six step

But ALL-POWERFUL GOD, I am going to need your mercy & your continuous help…


GOD, your Word says, “trust in the Lord with all thine heart”…

Help me to absolutely, fully depend on YOU, with every part

GOD, your Word says for me to “lean not unto thine own understanding”

Help me to always place complete confidence in YOUR Wisdom…especially when life gets demanding


GOD, your Word says, “in all thy ways acknowledge HIM”

Help me to relentlessly set before YOU my ideas, thoughts, plans and whims

GOD, your Word says “HE shall direct thy paths”…wherever I trod

Help me to allow myself to be governed by faith; for YOU alone are a trustworthy GOD



© Leslie Hamlett 2007










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