Poetry by Leslie…


 The Doctor Will See You Now


Old and New Patients make this your mission

To take everything to the Great Physician

No matter the needs

JESUS has all life remedies…

All who are weary?

All who feel dreary?

All who are bruised?

All who have been used?

All who are drained?

All who are strained?

All who are weak ?

All who can’t sleep?

All who have fears?

All who have shed many tears?

All who feel all alone ?

All who want to be strong?

All who are in despair?

All who want someone to care ?

All who has guilt and shame?

All whose life has been rearranged?

All who feel like they are going to break?

All who have made many mistakes?

All who can’t cope?

All who are in need of hope?

All who want their vessel fixed?

All who are ready to call it quits?

All who are dealing with grief?

All who want to be complete?

All who want consolation?

All who need restoration?

All who are fading fast?

All who can’t let go of their past?

All who want rest?

All who want to be blessed?

All who want to be humble?

All who have stumbled?

All who want joy in their heart?

All who are in need of a new start?

All who have low-self worth?

All who are sick of living on this earth?

All who have body aches and pains?

All who are going through the stormy rain?

All who need a breakthrough?

All who want to be renewed?

All who want a mate?

All who need their finances straight?

All who are tired of being shoved?

All who are searching for true love?

Everyone is welcomed to come in on your knees

He will allow you to be burden-free

All who believe can be totally healed

For Dr. Jesus redeeming power is so very real

Let it all go, have faith & continuously praise

Taste and see…you will be amazed

Dr. Jesus makes “house-calls”

HE has medicine for it all

HIS Prescriptions are written in His Book

Just open the Bible and take a look

He is available 24-hours a day

He can hear you anywhere you pray

He can save and repair your soul

So come on in before the Doctor’s office is closed

The  DOCTOR will see you now…

© 2002  Leslie Hamlett




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