Sharing Our Faith


“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39 ESV)

Have you ever been told that you must be a witness for the Lord or that you have an obligation to minister to others? Do you ever feel daunted as you consider different ways to “go out there and preach?”

I admit that I feel intimidated most of the time. I don’t think of myself as a preacher or teacher of the gospel. Sometimes, I fear that people will ask me a question that I can’t answer. Then what? Would my faith be criticized and mocked?

As a Christian, I understand that I should share my faith. I still remember the “Great Commission” verses from Matthew 28 (Matthew 28:16-20) that I learned as a child.

The issue I struggle with is – HOW? I’m turned off by the abrasive and aggressive methods of some people, and I cringe at the possibility of becoming anything like that.

Then, there’s the issue of my health. Yes, I believe that God is a healer and could work a miracle of divine healing in my life. Yes, I’ve prayed for healing. Yet, illness remains a visible part of my life.

So, there have been many instances when I’ve hesitated in sharing my faith because of my physical limitations.

Today’s passage (Luke 8), however, solved a lot of the problems that I’d thought about. Jesus dramatically touched this young man’s life and provided a perfect avenue for witnessing – “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39 NIV) I felt encouraged by the simple command. I found the hope that I needed and the courage to welcome opportunities to share my testimony.

When someone asks me about my health, I realize that God is opening a door for me to share how He has touched my life. It could be as simple as mentioning the times God answered my prayer for a good night’s sleep; or explaining the sense of peace He provides when I face new difficulties with my health; or the courage He gives me when I receive an unexpected diagnosis.

But, if we do like Jesus told this young man and simply tell what God has done for us, we’ll be able to share our faith with joy and gladness.

God has a way of using our struggles in life as an opportunity to let His glory shine through.

As we live our everyday, mundane lives, let’s learn to recognize the moments when God wants to use us to be a blessing in the lives of those around us.

It’s as simple as being available and willing to share how God has touched our lives.

Prayer: Lord, help us to get rid of fear and trust you to help us tell about Your goodness. Don’t let us make it complicated to explain Your love for us.

Quote for reflection:
“The only way to overcome our fears is to step into them, trusting God to do His work through us.” -Dr. Charles Stanley


6 thoughts on “Sharing Our Faith

  1. Lynn Severance

    Dorothea – what a great devotional. I struggle, too, with comparing “my style” of how I can share about the faithfulness of God in my life when I see others who are more overt in their approach.

    It really comes down to living each day, sharing as best we can with who we can and the name, “Jesus” may or may not be used. When we can – surely we want to acknowledge Him as the sour of our perseverance. On some of my hardest days, when I have to go out for groceries, just remembering to smile and thank those serving me doing their jobs so well, uplifts them ( I hope ) and it helps me know that the “real me” can rise above how the “sick me” feels!

    It may be best we don’t know how He can shine through us or we’d be taking some credit He deserves. And for sure, your words written here on your blog do give Him the glory and bless all of us who read them.

    Love, Lynn

    1. dorothealove Post author

      Hi Lynn!

      Your insight is always just what I need. It is so true that just a smile or kind word can work wonders in the lives of others, and sharing the best way we know how. I find that God will always give me the opportunity to be more specific about my faith during those times when the other person really needs it.

      Thanks for encouraging me!

  2. Lynn Severance

    . . .as the SOURCE of our perseverance. Wow – just a few letters not added on correctly can change the meaning mightily! The last thing we want to convey is being “sour”!! 🙂

  3. Fiona

    Dorothea – I’m grateful for your sharing here.
    I was reminded of something one of our Pastor’s said to us when we were young Christians wanting to share our faith “well” – “that no-one can ever dispute your own personal experiences”. They may choose not to believe you, but they can’t say it isn’t true!

    “God has a way of using our struggles in life as an opportunity to let His glory shine through.” AMEN to that!

    Blessings, Fiona

    Lynn, you could never be seen as “sour”! 🙂

    1. dorothealove Post author

      Hi Fiona!

      What a way to think about letting others know about God!!! I’m thankful for you and for your sharing this with me. It’s true that our personal experiences cannot be disputed, even when others may not want to believe us! God is awesome. Thanks for the insight and words of encouragement.

      Have a wonderful weekend!



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